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Name: Jason Hawes

TAPS title: Lead Investigator/Co-Founder

Date of birth: December 27, 1971

Jason Hawes' home town: Canandaigua, New York

Resides in: Warwick, RI

Jason Hawes' education: High School Diploma

Non TAPS Profession(s): Plumber for Roto-Rooter and co-owner of the Spalding Inn in NH

Family: Married with 3 daughters and twin sons

Charities / causes: The Hoppe ALS Awareness Group

Years in TAPS: Over a decade

Hobbies: deep-sea fishing, spending time with his children and writing screenplays




Jason has varied interests outside of TAPS, which include the fine arts, deep-sea fishing, martial arts, camping, hiking, writing books, screenplays, and cooking. He also spends a great deal of time participating in charity events, raising money for everything from Cure Kids Cancer to Papers in Education. In addition, he has written four sci-fi/thriller screenplays. He and his wife, Kris, have five children - three girls and twin boys. His girls are named Samantha "Sam" , Haily and Satori. His twin boys are named Austin and Logan. Jason's three girls and twin boys consider Grant an adopted uncle, and Grant's kids view Jason the same way. Their wives, also friends, respect TAPS' mission, but keep their distance. Each has asked her husband not to bring his paranormal work home.

His own highly personal paranormal experience (which he prefers not to discuss) prompted Jason to do more than wonder about an afterworld. He launched TAPS from a spare room of his apartment.

Jason and Grant Wilson are best friends, and are coworkers sharing a day job as plumbers for a company named Roto Rooter.

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Jason Hawes

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cast - Ghost HuntersJASON HAWES TRIVIA
In March 2005, Barry Clinton Eckstrom, 51, of Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania, began to send threatening e-mails to Jason Hawes, founder of TAPS. Hawes alerted the FBI in Providence. When the e-mails began to include threats against then President George W. Bush, the Secret Service became involved. Eckstrom also used Hawes's name to send e-mails to some female members of TAPS, in which he threatened to rape and murder them. While under surveillance by federal agents, Eckstrom used a Bethel Park, Pennsylvania library computer to send an e-mail in Hawes' name to Roto Rooter's Cincinnati headquarters, threatening to shoot employees there. Next, Eckstrom typed a message threatening to kill President Bush, again in Hawes' name, using the Department of Homeland Security's website.
Before he could send the message, he was arrested. Because of these activities, Eckstrom was sentenced to two years in federal prison in January 2006
Cited Wikipedia
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  • -- When walking into a room during an investigation he offers a tentative "Hello?"
  • --"What the hell was that?"
  • --"C'mon, let's get outta here."
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Well so far, I do not see how to be able to contact Ghost Hunters personally, so I hope they do get to read this... I have several pictures and changing of the film showing in some of the pictures of two Ghosts.... these pictures were taken well before we moved into the old Home... several pictures were taken and new film put in and some things showed in the new film too.. we had professionals check them out and they said it is authentic..The home I am referring to is in Holyoke Massachusetts... Our home and the house next door which is now the Worsterier museum in holyoke Mass - they were the only two homes built before down town Holyoke main street was built. we seen pictures of the homes in a book.. And the very 1st night moving in we experienced something.. something was knocking on the window were I had just left my twin sister, next thing I see her running past me screaming.. her room was well known of lots of things happening.. Things happened to everyone who stayed over in the bedroom.. Also is there a way not so much talking because that is when things seem to make noises or happened then you hardly hear what happens cuz you hear them talking..
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how do i join ghos hunter acc i would like to now MR.Jason because i got gift i wood like to us my gift is that i can herd spriter and see spriter
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harrellrobbie Comming to Missouri 0 Jun 20 2010, 3:38 PM EDT by harrellrobbie
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I would like to know if the team is ever comming to Independence,Missouri ! The apartment complex has the historic Manison; which is the original estate home of Glendale Farm in the 30`s & 40`s and was host to many lavish parties! President Truman`s daughter was married in the rose graden & much more!
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