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ArchieL.Cruthers Hi there 0 Jun 27 2012, 9:34 AM EDT by ArchieL.Cruthers
Thread started: Jun 27 2012, 9:34 AM EDT  Watch
When i was 10 year old ,at night time while sitting on bed ,it somthing scrach my top of knee (leg on left)
it mark on top of them in1960 years nothing happen., In 2002 went to Haunted House tour while walk away from the group about veiw feet away it did touching my neck i never seen anything in my life. i went to ghost tours 3rd times in two differnt state, i got a photo of Orbs,Face on photo that one from Bird Cage Theater another evidence ! , But i heard woman voice say ;" i'm scare ,but i'm try to, i'm afarid (light signal)"in 2012April.
In Nevada lot of Orbs in 2011 of May
Do you find this valuable? My experience 3 Jun 22 2011, 10:22 AM EDT by lizacton
Thread started: Apr 26 2011, 9:49 AM EDT  Watch
When growing up i was told that ghosts dont exist, and i believed that until i was 9, my brother had just been born and it started with him staring at the side of the cot and eventually crying, as i shared a room with him i would ofen wake with one cold cheek i told my parents but they said it was probably a draft. My brother started sleeping with my parents. One night I stayed with my sister even in her room i saw a girl run round the room and through the door. When i was 14 I got my room back and decorated it thats when it started, whispering in my room, shadows past the window, light knocking on the glass and this was in a house! One night i heard the door open, i was fully awake and expecting my mum to come in and wake me up instead something came close to my ear and whispered "promises promises". I shot round as it scared me, no one was there and you guessed it door fully shut! After that i used a touch lamp of a night and things continued, noises in the kitchen things of mine moving. One night i went downstairs to sleep on the sofa, BIG MISTAKE!!! Half way through the night i woke up and saw my mum sitting next to me and she was smiling i sat up and said to her why are you smiling like that why are you up? Turned onthe light no mum no anyone, thinking back i dont even think it was my mum. I woke up in my bed once with a pressure on my chest and felt very dizzy when i got up i saw a man crouched by my legs he kind of laughed but i couldn hear it if he did i was so scared i just layed there and he just disappeared. I actually thought at one time i dreamed about a man poking his head around the door, when i was 15 i moved in with a boyfriend and after i left my sister started seeing the man poking his head around the door and seeing him in the room and i hadnt told her about my experiences. After that she too was afraid in that house but since we have left the house nothing has happened to my brother or parents. I have no idea why but it hasnt followed!
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KaylaCain My ghost 0 Nov 27 2010, 12:22 PM EST by KaylaCain
Thread started: Nov 27 2010, 12:22 PM EST  Watch
I use to live in a house in Garland Texas that was haunted by a little girl. I heard voices, things moved, and people saw her. I never saw her but I had dreams about her. I saw strange things but I never saw her. I remember one night I got into bed w/ my parents, and I was at the end of the bed. There were papers on the floor next to the bed. I could here something walking on the papers next to me and I couldn't move, breath, or talk. I tried w/ everything I had to move but I couldn't. I hear that happens when they feed off their energy, not sure if thats true. Another time I was doing homework and my can of Pepsi moved about 2 inches towards me. I checked to see if it was wet under the can but it wasn't. That actually happens a lot to me. When we got our German Shepherd Jasper, he would all the sudden sit up and bark at nothing. I hated it when he did that because he did it in my room a lot. My room was actually the room that was closest to our neighbors house where she lived. We had a fan in the living room and it had this plastic ball that went around the light bulb. The plastic ball would fall off all the time, but it would only fall off when someone was standing under it. I told my friend not to stand under it one time. When she asked why, right in the middle of telling her it fell on her head. My mom saw her follow my sister into their room one night but she turned and disappeared. I went my neighbors one year on vacation and I was telling their husband about our house being haunted. He couldn't believe it and asked me if I was making it up. He then told me that theirs was haunted to and it theirs was a rent house before they bought it. The family that lived there before them had a daughter that died in the hospital of some disease or illness. She was the same age range as the little girl my mom had seen and that I had dreamed about. I don't know why she came to my house.
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